curated by_Samuel Leuenberger

curated by_vienna 2017: image/reads/text

15. September 2017 - 15. October 2017

Opening: Thursday, September 14, 2017; 6–9 pm in all participating galleries Duration: September 15–October 15, 2017   Language in contemporary Art With exhibitions in 21 Vienna galleries, conceptualised by international curators, this year’s curated by_vienna gallery festival examines the significance and function of language in contemporary art. This seems particularly relevant in view of widespread […] Mehr lesen


Julian Mullan

Times Past

11. February 2017 - 04. March 2017

Galerie Nathalie Halgand is pleased to present Julian Mullan’s (*1982) first solo exhibition. This could be anywhere. Trying to locate Julian Mullan’s motives is thoroughly precluded by his accurate cropping of the image, the proximate step after deciding on the motive in the process of a geminated selection routine. The immanent calm evokes notions of emigration and […] Mehr lesen


Signe Pierce

Virtual Normality

17. March 2017 - 05. May 2017

ARTIST TALK & VERNISSAGE Friday 17 March 2017, 17h30: Artist Talk with Noit Banai, Art Critic and Art Historian  19h – 21h: Opening Reception and Performance Saturday 18 March 2017, starting at 12PM: 24h – Live Performance at the Gallery with Live Stream  During the height of the 2016 American presidential primaries, just shy of a year before Donald Trump’s […] Mehr lesen


Tropical Punch

curated by keen on magazine

17. November 2016 - 21. January 2017

How aesthetic is protest really allowed to be? Rowdy slogans, deeply affecting photographs and videos – whether loud or quiet, contemporary art production is over-saturated with political statements. However, alongside zombie formalism, the motif of the tropical is once again being hyped. Whoever rights off fruit and plant motifs as merely decorative, kitsch or superficial […] Mehr lesen


Anita Schmid & Amelie Zadeh

In the sense of…

27. October 2016 - 10. November 2016

In 1956 Edward Steichen opened the exhibition„Abstraction in Photography“ in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Steichen had already postulated during this time that photography in its various usage and contexts can not be thought of without abstraction. Rather, it abstracts per se– whether intentional or accidental– and frequently undermines forms of representation and […] Mehr lesen


Yorgos Stamkopoulos

Soul Remains

29. June 2016 - 30. July 2016

Galerie Nathalie Halgand´s third exhibition presents Yorgos Stamkopoulos´ first solo show in Austria, Soul Remains. The Greek painter Yorgos Stamkopoulos hasn’t touched a paintbrush in nearly ten years. And indeed, when you behold one of his works, what you see isn’t necessarily a painting at all, but the physical remnants of an invisible act. So Mr. […] Mehr lesen


Simon Mullan

Der Raum

13. May 2016 - 18. June 2016

Galerie Nathalie Halgand’s second exhibition presents Simon Mullan’s first solo show in Vienna Galerie Nathalie Halgand is pleased to present its second exhibition, Simon Mullan’s „Der Raum“ (The Room). Three adjoining rooms showcase three signature series of work, which are seen in Mullan’s hometown of Vienna for the first time and mark the 10th anniversary […] Mehr lesen


Jumpei Shimada ∞ Leander Schönweger

Als wir wieder hineingingen schien alles ganz normal, so wie immer.

08. September 2016 - 15. October 2016

WHEN WE WENT IN, EVERYTHING SEEMED NORMAL, JUST LIKE ALWAYS.  116 years ago, here, in the Stiegengasse, the once-home of Hermann Winkelmann, an apartment was furnished, middle class, in a good, actually the best location, the Wienzeile, on which the house also lies, was after all meant to be expanded into a boulevard-like entrée into […] Mehr lesen


Clemens Behr

Erst die gute Nachricht, bitte!

26. February 2016 - 23. April 2016

If the German artist titles his show “Erst die gute Nachricht, bitte!“ („The good news first, please!“), and focuses on deconstruction and fragmentation processes in the center of his artistic methodology, we do not want to follow the logical argument of this call. Rather, we must exclude the bad news from the implied train of thought […] Mehr lesen